Monday, March 1, 2010

Artist Trading Cards

Ok, i just found this unfinished post that i had started a couple weeks ago, and then forgotten about, so I'll just finish it now.

I have mentioned a few times on my blog, the awesome teen program at our library. Well, a few months ago, they started an artist trading card board on the wall. Artist trading cards a little peices of art on a card the size of a baseball card. There's just a bunch of little clear slots on the wall full of cards. Then you can trade the cards you make for other cards you like. It's been so much fun making cards all the time, and i think it has inspired me to explore lots of types of art that i don't usually make, and i like that. I have collected over 100 trading cards now! I'm so excited! It's one of the things i look foward to every week, just going to the library to see what new art is up on the wall. I took a few pictures of all my cards.....

There was also an article in the paper about the Trading Cards! You can read it here.

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