Sunday, January 10, 2010


I know it's been a really long time since i posted on here, but i'm not gonna try not to worry about it, and only post when i can. So, i decided to post some pictures of Georgia, because it is her birthday today! My little puppy if 4 years old! It seems like i've had her a lot longer than that!

Now she is all grown up, not a puppy anymore.

So here's a few of my favourite pics of her!

Happy Birthday Georgia! I love you!


Jennifer said...

You've got some great shots of her! She definitely is a cute dog. Happy Birthday, Georgia!

India! said...

happy birthday Georgia..
she looks so cute as a puppy.. than again she looks really cute now

daisy im so glad your posting again...

:) firefliesssss

i love owl city

Grandma said...

Happy birthday, Georgia! It was Ava's 1/2 birthday on the 10th ;-) Love you, Grandma

Anonymous said...

Daisy, it's so good to see a posting from you again. I bet Georgia loves you just as much as you love her! Cute pictures!
Love, Aunt Karen

Hazel Ruthie said...


Amaris Rendal said...

Happy LATE Birthday lil'G!! You were (and still are) The cutest! :3

~ B

pops said...

She is so cute & a good friend! Love you both! Pops

misty said...

i like the pic of her & her flying ears! too cute!!

kaden wants a dog REALLY bad! He ask like every other day. ha

I am going to start blogging again soon... just don't know where to start. ha

love ya - lets talk on skype soon!
aunt misty