Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fall poems

This kind of poem is called a haiku.
5 syllables on the first line then 7 then 5
wind blowing the leaves
pretty colors all around
it feels just like fall
Here's another one
the leaves change colors
green to red orange and yellow
then they start to fall
daisy 11-15-08


Lucy Mazzerella Hope said...

oooohhhh...... pretty..... :)

Pops said...

Have you read this one? I have several notebooks of short poems that I wrote when I was a teenager. I enjoy poems and often use them when officiating funerals and some weddings too...LYT!

Frog sunning on lily pad
as dragonfly darts by.

(by Bruce Lansky. Copyright 1999 by Bruce Lansky, reprinted with his permission)

ヴァンパイアmisstress said...

Awww yes, i do love some poems! Very nice Claudia...

Grandma said...

Very nice, Daisy! Love you, Grandma

misty said...

did you write these yourself?
i remember having to write poems in school - i'm not very good at them!
love & miss ya, aunt misty

Daisy said...

yes i wrote them