Sunday, November 16, 2008


I love frogs. They are so cool and very interesting. I found some really neat pictures of frogs.

a red eyed tree frog

a strawberry poison dart fog
frog swimming

a golden toad
This is how you can say frog in other languages!
german- der frosch
french- grenouille
spanish- rana
chinese- qing wa
italian- ranocchio
irish- loscann
russian- lyagushka


Grandma said...

Cool frogs! I wonder how many species of frogs there are in this world? Love you, Grandma

Lucy Mazzerella Hope said...

cool!!!! you know A LOT about frogs...

BLuE mOnkEy said...

Cool i have a toy strawberry poison dart frog. I wonder where it is.....

Misstress Bella said...

Go claudia!! Gotta Love`em froggies!

Pops & Grammy said...

Really cool frogs! LYT!

NiƱa Vampiro said...

I like red eyed tree frogs