Monday, June 2, 2008


Tonight i am going to sleep at bea's house yay!!!!! :D


Anonymous said...

hope you have fun? do ya'll plan on staying up late & watching movies or what???

your birthday is almost here - you excited?!?!

i love you, aunt misty

Grammy said...

Dear Daisy,
What a very special day we are celebrating today! God blessed the Bray family with our first GRANDdaughter! I remember walking into the hospital room and your Dad was holding you and he had a "IT'S A GIRL" pin on his shirt. You have brought so much joy and fun into our lives in these 13 years. It's hard to put into words how special you are! We are very proud of you! I'll stop before I get to sentimental. Have a fun day and enjoy everything you do today! (Don't forget to change "about me" to I am 13). H13BDTOFA! ILUTM!