Thursday, June 5, 2008


Well today is my birthday. I am thirteen now. I am really excited! I was born at 8:19 in the morning 13 years ago. Tonight Bea is coming to spend the night for my birthday. We are having homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner and delicious cheesecake for desert. I love cheesecake! Yummy!


Aunt Monika said...

Happy Birthday Daisy!!!!! We love you so much and hope today is awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 13th Birthday, Daisy!
You are a very special young lady. I hope you enjoy your birthday dinner & the cheesecake. Have fun in Minnesota and flying alone. I love to fly.
Also, when you are "polling" and I try to vote, it tells me in the box that the website can't be found, so I don't think my votes are being counted.
Enjoy "your" day. I love you!
Aunt Karen/Webster, TX

Pops said...

Happy Birthday! This day is a great day in the history of the Bray were so cute! Now you are a beautiful teenager--with both a beautiful face and heart! I'm very proud of you! LYT&ED!

Linnea said...

Happy birthday, Daisy! You're awesome.

grousy said...

yeah Daisy!!

Happy Birthdy!

See, I always knew you were cool, bright and smarter than your average joe- but a kid, um, oh excuse me, a 'young lady' that loves cheesecake is a lovely thing I say!
I made a very tasty and easy cheescake last weekend- I topped it with espresso ganache. Let me know if you want the recipe ;)

Have a fantabulous night :)

Miss Ruth

Hazel said...

happy b-day big lady!!!!!

Jennifer said...

I'm so glad you like my cooking and the cheesecake is definitely a sophisticated birthday cake! It turned out pretty well (for my second try) and I hope you had a great birthday. I love you SO MUCH!!


Gracie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You're a teenager now. Scary....