Saturday, October 17, 2009


Recently i made this mobile for my friend Megan's birthday.

I folded all the boxes out of oragami paper. They're really cool, you fold them and then blow into a hole at the top, and they just puff up. I think there were about 25 boxes on this one.


I found this really cool branch out in our yard, and spray painted it black.
Then i threaded all the boxes, and they each have a little bead on the bottom so they won't fall off (the threading part probably took the longest)


Then i just tied all the boxes on at different lengths.

While i was working on it, i had it hanging under the ceiling fan in my room, and it would rotate slowly if the fan was on. It looked so pretty


I've seen alot of oragami mobiles, but i don't think i've seen one with the boxes.

I had alot of fun making this mobile, and i like it so much, i've started working on one for me now. :)




MissTayTay!=) said...

O my gosh! The mobile is SO BEAUTIFUL!! can you say gorgeous? HA! You should check out my blog! its!!!=)

Casey said...


Sarah said...

I love the boxes! What a great idea and gift!

Jennifer said...

You did such a great job o this project, Daisy! I am very proud of the beautiful mobile you created. You are so talented!

Monika said...

That's so cool Daisy! YOu are so amazing and creative!! I want a friend like you!! Love you and can't wait to hang out at Christmas!!

Pops said...

Great Mobile! And, you look Beautiful! LYT!

grandma said...

Great mobile, Daisy! I love your hair, too ;-) See you soon. Love, Grandma

EmilyCarolina said...

did u dye your hair? its cute :)

Jasmine said...

this is really cool! =D