Sunday, January 25, 2009

I haven't blogged in a while so i thought i would just talk about some of the recent things i've done.

i got green streaks in my hair! i like dying my hair bright colors like that.

we used manic panic electric lizard hair dye

and we got a new dog! her name is Lilly. she is a poodle with a lot of fluffy hair! she's really sweet and likes to play. i think Georgia's really enjoying having a doggy friend to play with. they have been getting along really well!

the library has been having monthly belly dancing workshops at the teen program and my friend and i have been going to them. there has been 2 classes so far and i think it's really fun! i decided to get a coin belt of my own.

and i got some bangles. they jingle too!


EmilyCarolina said...

You're allowed to dye your hair?!? LUCKY!

Grandma said...

Green - I wouldn't have guessed that would be the color you would pick! Did Steve bring Lily to you? I'll be looking forward to seeing you belly dance when we come down in April! Love you, Grandma

pops said...

I'm glad LIly is doing good. I know she is happy to have a new home and Georgia as her friend. I do miss her... Love You and Miss You toooo!

Lucy said...

I did not know that you got a new dog

BLuE mOnkEy said...

Aww what a cute puppy :)
Cool i want to put blue streaks in my hair XD
I think my sister wants to do belly dancing :D It looks fun.