Sunday, December 28, 2008


I hope everyone had a happy holiday! I haven't blogged in a while, i have been pretty busy since Christmas! On Christmas morning my family and i woke up and opened our stockings then we went to the Waffle House in our pajamas! I got a ham and cheese omelet. Yummy. . . Then we went back home and opened our gifts to each other. That afternoon we went to a friends house for a christmas party! That was a lot of fun. Then i went home with my friend for an unexpected sleepover, so i didn't have pajamas or anything! But i had a nice Christmas this year. Here's some of the things i got! :)
a mood ring
some bracelets
2 CDs
a new CD player
pajama pants
some note cards with my name on them
a 2009 calendar
a movie from my sister
and my parents always give us (me and my brother and sisters) each 3 presents- one to wear, one to read, and one to play with.
from them i got
new boots
some books that i really wanted
and a bow and arrow set! it's really fun! i'll post some pictures of it soon
Well i hope everyone had a good holiday and have a happy new year!


Casey said...

Oooo, you got a bow an arrow set, sounds like fun. :)

EmilyCarolina said...

Sounds cool! I really want some boots, I grew out of mine :(

Amaris Rendal said...

Claudia wait till you see the new boots im getting soon!

^_^ Happy new year! I can`t wait to shoot some more arrows with ya again!

Lucy said...

cool a bow and arrow I have always wanted one of those