Monday, August 25, 2008

Random facts about koalas

Koalas are often called koala bears but koalas are not bears, they are marsupials.

A koala spends 75% of their time sleeping.

Fossil remains of koala-like animals have been found dating back to 25 - 40 million years ago.

Koalas eat eucalyptus leaves.

Koalas seldom drink water obtaining it from the eucalyptus leaves, which are 50% consisting of water.

Each koala eats about 200 to 500 grams of leaves per day.

Well, there are a few facts about koalas. Hope you enjoyed it! :D


BLuE mOnkEy said...

I like koala bears!
I saw one at the san diego zoo.

Jennifer said...

That was very educational. Thanks, Daisy! I think koalas are cool.

BLuE mOnkEy said...

I didnt know they slept that much.^_^

Grandma said...

Very interesting facts! Love you, Grandma

Hazel said...

whoa they sleep alot! pandas are also not really bears! what in the freaky are marsupials?!

BLuE mOnkEy said...

They arent bears? I didnt know that. kewl

Hazel said...

no there not yah it is kewl

Anonymous said...

is this your favorite animal or just facts that you just learned/discovered???

thanks for sharing - kaden thought it was pretty neat!

love you, aunt misty

Hazel said...

dude! look at ur clustr map! lol its hilarious