Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Trip

I had a lot of fun on my trip!

I couldnt get the pictures to go straight but oh well. They are still up here so i guess it doesnt really matter.

Here are some pictures from when we went to the arboritum. There were so many flowers blooming. It was really pretty and it smelled good too!

These are some pictures of Minnihaha Falls. It was really pretty.

These are pictures of a turtle that my aunt and i found in the middle of the road. We were driving and it was walking right accross the street towards the lake on the other side. It was funny. So we moved to the grass by the lake.

I think thats about it. Sorry it took so long.


Grandma said...

Great pictures, Daisy! I hope you have alot of fun memories of your trip to Minnesota - we do :) I love you! Grandma

The Hubbs said...

I love the picture of you by the water falls. It seems like I have seen that sweater before. I also liked the turtle pictures. You have your moms eye for taking pictures. I'm glad you got to go off like that on your own. I know it is a trip you will never forget.

Jennifer said...

These are great, Daisy! I'm sorry I never got back to helping you with making them how you wanted- Blogger can be kind of weird sometimes.

Briana Banana said...

Wow those pictures are beautiful. :)

India said...

wow daisy cool pics i like the top one